Energy Savings by Power Master. Save on your Electric Bill


Significant Energy Savings For Your Business

energy_network_dairy_farmsUSA Power Savers by Power Master LLC offers an economical approach toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions and at the same time achieving substantial savings on your electricity accounts.

Our Electrical Network Management System’s reduction in energy use and greenhouse gas emissions has to be seen to be believed. You can expect to see a 10-25% saving in energy use (kilowatt hours) and 40-60% reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

residential_energy_savingsUSA Power Savers by Power Master LLC manufacture a range of awareness reduction units (ARU) custom designed for your business. When installed at the source of your organizations energy consumption such as AC motors, air conditioners and refrigeration’s significant savings are achieved.

energy_plantOur application offers a lease or purchase plan that is best suited for your business. There is no installation fee, no disruption to business operations, no employee participation and may qualify for various government incentives.

With the support and recognition of the United States Department of Energy, clients from across the commercial and retail market are currently achieving significant savings as a result of our USA Power Savers by Power Master LLC program.  Save on harmonics, stray voltage, power factor, motor maintenance, voltage sags, surge protection, and more:


  • Farms 10-25%
  • Restaurants 10-25%
  • Convenient Stores 10-25%
  • Supermarkets 10-25%
  • Machine Shops 10-25%
  • Cafes 10-25%
  • Injection Molding Facilities 10-25%
  • Hospitals/Medical Complexes 10-25%
  • Hotels/Motels 10-25%
  • Senior and assisted Living 10-25%
  • Municipalities and Schools 10-25%
  • Single Family Home 10-25%
  • Apartment Complexes 10-25%

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Why low Power Factor costs you money!

green-energy-savingsThe power factor at your facility in most cases is considered by your electricity provider in determining the demand, for billing purposes, that is used in calculating your monthly demand charge.

This will have a significant impact on your total demand charges, delivery charges and your monthly electricity bill!


power_factor_meterWhile your power factor may vary over time, generally speaking, a high power factor indicates effective utilization of electrical power, while a low power factor indicates poor utilization. Power factor is expressed as the ratio of kW to kVA (kilovolt-amperes) delivered by your electric provider.

Low power factor is caused by inductive loads, such as transformers, high-intensity discharge lighting, and electric motors operated at less than full load (which often occurs in cycle processes such as conveyors, compressors, and HVAC fans). The electric providers in most states typically require a power factor of 95% or above, which means that the ratio of kW/kVA should be > 95%. The effect of having a power factor below 95% will be that you will pay more in demand charges than you would if the power factor was above the required minimum. This extra amount is charged by a utility so they can recover their costs for maintaining a good power factor on their own distribution system. Some providers now charge an additional 1% penalty for each percent below the 95% and is calculated on your demand rate.

While the monthly facility power factor may not specifically be shown on your bill, it is likely that power factor is considered in determining your demand if you see both peak kW and peak kVA stated on your bill. You can confirm whether your provider considers power factor in determining the monthly demand (kW) charge and, if so, what their minimum required power factor is, by consulting the definition of demand charges from your electric provider’s web page, or contacting your provider.

Power Master Units will correct your power factor and make effective utilization of your electrical power network, therefore lowering your demand, avoiding additional penalties and saving you money!

And many other benefits that units provide, so call us to TODAY! 585-503-1873

Additional information on power factor is provided in DOE’s tip sheet Reducing Power Factor Cost –