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Welcome to USA Power Savers by Power Master LLC

Power_Saver_Capacitor_Bank_Unit-homeYou manage just about every other parameter of your business or household… so why not your electric power network?

There are very few tools available in the current market place for the management of your electrical network and also save you money at the same time.  With Power Master’s new technology combined with our information data collection system you now can manage your network and save money at the same time!

Power Master LLC will provide you with AFFORDABLE Energy Saving Solutions designed for your facility’s needs. We have developed and integrated the best components we can find for the management of the electric power that is delivered by the utility company facility.

Our units will make your system much more efficient.

This is done by our state of the art filters and micro processing controlled capacitors which improves Power factor and controls your demand with REAL TIME data collection results you can see.

Our 24 hour Power management system is at always at your fingertips and you can see the reduction of your kWh consumption, which results in savings in your electric bill.


Power_Saver_APFC_Panel_Unit1Each Power Master system is customized to the needs of each individual situation.  In addition to reducing the electric bill, there are important other benefits due to the clean effective use of electric power.

  • Extends the life of all machinery, inductive motors, computers, HVAC systems, light bulbs and other electronic devices
  • Controls harmonic distortion
  • Controls voltage leakage (Stray Voltage)
  • Controls voltage sags and surge protection
  • Reduces demand
  • Increases power factor
  • 24 hour Power management system at your fingertips.
  • For every kWh saved we can reduce 2.7 lbs. of greenhouse gases produced by a coal or oil fired power plant.



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