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Energy Savings Projects


USA Power Savers by Power Master LLC offers an economical approach with the support and recognition of the United States Department of Energy, clients from across the commercial, agricultural, industrial, and retail markets are currently achieving significant savings as a result of our USA Power Savers by Power Master LLC program.  Save on harmonics, stray voltage, power factor, motor maintenance, voltage sags, surge protection, and more.  We manage your entire Electrical Network Management System.

generators_v1Power Master Units are designed for the management of you electrical network system within your facility. You can have real time data to see how your building is doing 24 hours a day on your computer or even your phone if you like. Our unit’s advanced integrated micro processing technology corrects your power factor so your electric motors work more efficiently.  We are specialists in improving energy efficiencies and savings !!!!

Save Electrical Usage: power_factor_meter

  • Farms 10-25%
  • Restaurants 10-25%
  • Convenient Stores 10-25%
  • Supermarkets 10-25%
  • Machine Shops 10-25%
  • Cafes 10-25%
  • Injection Molding Facilities 10-25%
  • Hospitals/Medical Complexes 10-25%
  • Hotels/Motels 10-25%
  • Senior and assisted Living 10-25%
  • Municipalities and Schools 10-25%
  • Single Family Home 10-25%
  • Apartment Complexes 10-25%

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