Energy Savings by Power Master. Save on your Electric Bill


About USA Power Savers

about_power_saversWe know that there are very few tools available in the current market place for the management of your electrical network!

PowerMaster LLC manufactures Electrical Network Management systems.

We provide you affordable help with electrical savings and energy efficiencies you can monitor and utilize for your business, farm and home. With our technology in our equipment combined with real time information and data collection makes us quite different than all are competitors.

Over the years we have been constantly developing and integrating the best components we can find for the management of your electric network.  This is done by increasing the Power factor and controlling the demand along with the state of the art filters thereby reducing your electric consumption and providing your electrical devices with clean effective power. We are UL Listed with In-house WTDP UL Lab. for testing upto 300 KVAr.

Power Master Units are designed for the management of you electrical network system within your facility. You can have real time data to see how your building is doing 24 hours a day on your computer or even your phone if you like. Our unit’s advanced integrated micro processing technology corrects your power factor so your electric motors work more efficiently.  We are specialists in improving energy efficiencies and savings !!!!

power_factor_meterPower Master has been successful helping many Businesses both Big and Small manage their electrical network to save energy and money. We have provided solutions for Industrial Manufacturing Plants, Commercial solutions for Restaurants, Hotel, Hospitals, Farms and even Residential, and More.

Each Power Master system is customized to the needs of each individual location.  In addition to reducing the electric consumption, there are important other benefits due to the clean effective use of electric power.

  • Extends the life of all machinery, inductive motors, computers, HVAC systems, light bulbs and other electronic devices
  • Controls harmonic distortion
  • Controls voltage leakage (Stray Voltage)
  • Controls voltage sags and surge protection
  • Reduces demand charges
  • Increases power factor
  • 24 hour Power management system at your fingertips.
  • For every kWh saved we can reduce 2.7 lbs. of greenhouse gases produced by a coal or oil fired power plant.

Call us today for a FREE evaluation of your electrical network and let us supply you with some AFFORDABLE SOLUTIONS.